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PATRICIA REMY – Two terms these days make me froth at the mouth. One is “a wake-up call”.The other is “the political will”. How many frackin’ wake-up calls does it take for Pete’s sake? And “the political will”? How can it be focused to take on the strictures which will be an inevitable consequence of climate change? We can’t even agree about wearing masks and getting a vaccination. Floods, fires, and droughts out west, storms […]

Inverlea Park: Nature Benefits When Citizens Act

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DENNIS HOWLETT − I live just two doors away from Inverlea Park which hugs the Otonabee River just North of Park Hill Road in Peterborough. It is a beautiful park with many large old trees, and well-used by dog walkers, fishers, basketball players and children who play on the swings and climbing structure. I am one of many who also go swimming in the river when it is really hot. In the winter, neighbours work […]

A Video Session with Drew Monkman

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Impacts of Climate Change On Nature In The Kawarthas EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE – For local folk with a question about anything about Nature, Drew Monkman has become the “go-to guy” in the Peterborough and Kawartha area. You’ll appreciate the local references, for instance to the Bridgenorth Pharmacy, and to the weather we count on so much for tourism and farming/gardening in the area. Recently, Drew made this presentation to the Peterborough Field Naturalists He talks about […]

Tilting the Landspace: Vertical Farms

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MARILYN FREEMAN − I am no farmer. I can barely get veggies to grow in my backyard. But I do read science fiction and have been intrigued by tales of vertical farming in cities. Well, reality is catching up to sci fi. Perhaps the future of farming is where herbs, salads and soft fruits are grown year-round in vast, indoor plant factories. It’s happening right now outside of Bristol UK, the home of the world’s […]

Fast Commute

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In the opening stanza of her long form poem, Fast Commute, local author Laurie Graham sets the scene of our climate changing times. The wish that the extinct reverseand the nearly gone be plucked from deathand the managed, risks, in my mouthbecoming a man with a chainsawon a plot the bank says he can to with what he wants It’s another hold around the neck of the landthat says I am and will beand not […]

Municipal Elections Matter in the Climate Crisis

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EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE − Climate change is not something “out there” somewhere else. Its catastrophic impacts are already being experienced, locally – in the city, on farms, in our homes, our economy and our bodies and minds. It should be next municipal Councils’ No. 1 priority from which all the rest are formulated and evaluated as the crisis unfolds rapidly over the next strategic 8-10 years – 2.5 Council terms. Demands on city and county finances […]