A Season For Green Dreaming

December 31, 2022 admin 0

EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE − The growing darkness of December, the seasonal hope for a better world symbolized by gifts and stars, candles that never go out and trees that are ever green − this is the time for dreaming. In her book Crip Kinship, disability justice activist Shadya Kafai writes “dreaming is not passive. In dreaming, our communities materialise a world where, through fury and love, transformation in all its rebelliousness thrives.” Dreams have rewritten history: […]

Ecological Disposition Of The Deceased

December 30, 2022 admin 0

PATRICIA REMY – There are 8 billion of us humans now, populating Planet Earth. Within the next hundred years virtually all of us will die. This raises a question: How will the disposition of the deceased take place, on the average 80,000,000 annually? Numerically this is somewhat more than the current populations of California, Texas, and the provinces of Quebec and Alberta combined. How we treat the mortal remains of our loved ones is a […]

Councillor Cado. Part 2

December 23, 2022 admin 0

In Part One of the story of Councillor Cado, we left him bracing for the meeting of the regional Peterborough Watershed Council where a contentious item was about to be debated. CHERYL LYON – Cado finished his deep drink of water as the first delegation approached the mic to speak to the contentious Item 17 – an abandoned condo building. Even though the area had a fairly robust recycling/reuse program, new challenges had arisen with […]

The Fusion Flap – And BTW: It’s Not Just About Energy

December 17, 2022 admin 0

PATRICIA REMY – A mini-sun in every town. And no radioactive waste. We’ve been hearing about it for about a week now (The official announcement was made on December 13, 2022). The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory managed to propagate a nuclear fusion reaction which elicited net energy for the first time. It was enough to boil two to three kettles of water. It was a long anticipated, since the early Seventies, scientific breakthrough. Consider the […]

City Council Of The Future

December 16, 2022 admin 0

Councillor Cado: Part One (of Two) CHERYL LYON – “Yeah, my little black body slid into this world just as that big pine tree crashed down on our house. My Momma’s sad to this day that she never heard my first cry – that’s how loud was the cracking of that 100 foot tree − and the kitchen roof caving in!” “Guess that’s why you went into politics, eh, Cado? Always have a place to […]

Greenzine New Look

December 15, 2022 admin 0

A FEW IMPROVEMENTS TO OUR WEBSITE EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE − When you clicked on the Greenzine this time, you see a slightly different look to presenting our content. We trust our new categories will be helpful. There are now seven subject categories across the’ black banner’: Energy, Environment, Economy, Equity, Community, Spirituality and Opinion to help readers’ interests and choices. Certainly, there will be overlaps among them since everything’s connected to everything else in the great […]