Healing In Community

January 28, 2023 admin 0

SHEILA NABIGON-HOWLETT – The Transition Town movement has always held out the concept of sustainability. In the past couple of years it has been described as pertaining to four realms: Energy, Environment, Economy, and Equity. Formerly, and these were the headings in the print Greenzine, Transitioners spoke of five life essentials: food, water, energy, community, and the environment. Spirituality was a sometimes silent sixth. Different words, the same orientation and goals. So I was delighted […]

The Big Heat

January 27, 2023 admin 0

Part 4 in the Councillor Cado series CHERYL LYON – Recap of Parts 1, 2 & 3: The Watershed Peterborough municipal council is meeting to decide the future of a piece of land in the city made vacant by demolition of a derelict condo building. At a previous meeting, Councillors had approved its use for a Food Forest but the rapid onset of recurring heat waves – locally referred to as “the Big Heat”− have […]

Simplicity – it’s Complicated

January 25, 2023 admin 0

ALLAN SMITH-REEVE – What if we all just lived more simply? As Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘Live simply so that others may simply live.” Sometimes called the quiet revolution, the “Simplicity” approach to life involves: This generally means accepting a lower income and a lower level of consumption,in exchange for more time and freedom to pursue other life goals, such as: None of which need to rely on money, or much money. How’s that for […]

The Fate of The Food Forest

January 20, 2023 admin 0

Part 3 of the now extended Councillor Cado series Part 1 | Part 2 CHERYL LYON – The lively woman at the mic was finishing her presentation to the municipal Watershed Peterborough Council. “I’m a grandmother now so you’d better listen to me,” she said with a smile. Then with sudden seriousness, she concluded her remarks with “I know some of your children. I’ve taught them at our community farm. They are wise. They’ve learned […]

You Really Oughta Wanna

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What is wrong with us? FRED IRWIN – As a global group of nations we should be able to get our act together to reduce GHG emissions. Simply put, we need to modify our collective behaviour. We need to move away from high energy consumption, a habit which has become detrimental to all life on earth. We all know the story by now: It started with the first Industrial Revolution. It was initially fired by […]

Take Coffee For Example

January 10, 2023 admin 0

PATRICIA REMY – As time has gone by, I have become ever more irked at the suggestion that we as individual consumers can mitigate climate change. First of all, I hate being designated as a “consumer”. Really, this is not how I self-identify. Each one of us is a lot of things which can be described with many different labels, but in the societal context, I prefer to identify as a citizen. Not as a […]