The Big Heat

January 27, 2023 admin 0

Part 4 in the Councillor Cado series CHERYL LYON – Recap of Parts 1, 2 & 3: The Watershed Peterborough municipal council is meeting to decide the future of a piece of land in the city made vacant by demolition of a derelict condo building. At a previous meeting, Councillors had approved its use for a Food Forest but the rapid onset of recurring heat waves – locally referred to as “the Big Heat”− have […]

The Fate of The Food Forest

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Part 3 of the now extended Councillor Cado series Part 1 | Part 2 CHERYL LYON – The lively woman at the mic was finishing her presentation to the municipal Watershed Peterborough Council. “I’m a grandmother now so you’d better listen to me,” she said with a smile. Then with sudden seriousness, she concluded her remarks with “I know some of your children. I’ve taught them at our community farm. They are wise. They’ve learned […]

A Season For Green Dreaming

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EDITORIAL COLLECTIVE − The growing darkness of December, the seasonal hope for a better world symbolized by gifts and stars, candles that never go out and trees that are ever green − this is the time for dreaming. In her book Crip Kinship, disability justice activist Shadya Kafai writes “dreaming is not passive. In dreaming, our communities materialise a world where, through fury and love, transformation in all its rebelliousness thrives.” Dreams have rewritten history: […]

Councillor Cado. Part 2

December 23, 2022 admin 0

In Part One of the story of Councillor Cado, we left him bracing for the meeting of the regional Peterborough Watershed Council where a contentious item was about to be debated. CHERYL LYON – Cado finished his deep drink of water as the first delegation approached the mic to speak to the contentious Item 17 – an abandoned condo building. Even though the area had a fairly robust recycling/reuse program, new challenges had arisen with […]

City Council Of The Future

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Councillor Cado: Part One (of Two) CHERYL LYON – “Yeah, my little black body slid into this world just as that big pine tree crashed down on our house. My Momma’s sad to this day that she never heard my first cry – that’s how loud was the cracking of that 100 foot tree − and the kitchen roof caving in!” “Guess that’s why you went into politics, eh, Cado? Always have a place to […]

Area Resident Examines His Life Through the Poetry of Laurie Graham

November 25, 2022 admin 0

JIM SLAVIN – On the cover of Laurie Graham’s long poem Fast Commute (McClelland & Stewart, ISBN 978-0-7710-5197-5), Jan Zwicky writes: “Graham has set herself a vital moral task: actually to see the fantastic violence of resourcist culture, its appalling and unremitting abuse of the land, and to name the cultural forces that render that vast degradation almost invisible, reduce it to a blur on the edge of our fast commute.” As I read, I […]