The Critter Conker: High Tech in the Garden of the Future

November 27, 2022 admin 0

CHERYL LYON – Rob eyed the odd contraption with suspicion, rightly so, given his Scottish Grandfather’s weird sense of humour. Granddad had once entered a local parade dressed like a priest riding his bicycle backwards. A sign on his back read “Clerical Error.” The contraption in front of Rob consisted of a big elastic band attached to the two prongs of a sawed off piece of the forks of one of Rob’s childhood bicycles. It […]

Tilting the Landspace: Vertical Farms

October 27, 2022 admin 0

MARILYN FREEMAN − I am no farmer. I can barely get veggies to grow in my backyard. But I do read science fiction and have been intrigued by tales of vertical farming in cities. Well, reality is catching up to sci fi. Perhaps the future of farming is where herbs, salads and soft fruits are grown year-round in vast, indoor plant factories. It’s happening right now outside of Bristol UK, the home of the world’s […]