The Wind That Wants To Be Seen

February 14, 2023 admin 0

By Allan David Smith-Reeve From my bedroom windowI look up the driveway between the lilac hedgesnorth over open fieldsfrom where winter arrives most days She arrives with her weathersilent and nakedI have to look for her in treetops But today She rushes at my doorstepHowling between the gaps in my door and windowed defensesAnd declares herself clothed in the snow she’s gathered upwith skirts swirling spiraling. She revels in her wintry wearFreezing the blood of […]

A Young Activist Dreams

February 11, 2023 admin 0

Norah von Bieberstein Talks with the Greenzine about the Youth Climate Action Club (YCAC) CHERYL LYON – With a snow storm raging outside on January 25, the Greenzine “Zoomed” in on Norah von Bieberstein at home with her parent, Ziysah. Norah is a Kaawate Elementary School student in Grade 4 in Peterborough, learning a lot about climate change in there. From the hill that the school stands on, they can look out and see so […]

Surface Pressure – Ecojustice version

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Adapted by Norah and Ziysah von Bieberstein from the original song lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda We’re the strong ones, we’re not nervousWe’re as tough as the crust of the earth isWe fight for what concerns usAnd we glow ’cause we know what our worth is We know how hard all the work isWe’re prepared to fight for what serves usDestroyers, greed-mongers, you’re free no longerWe see all the factions, we call you to action But […]

Clive Mason’s Rant – Part 2

February 10, 2023 admin 0

Part 1 PETER CURRIER – When George Guessworthy of Climate Crunch and builder Clive Mason last met, they discussed the manifestations of ecological abuse – the lifestyles and tech aspects, with an on-the-ground look at how planet Earth reached a state of crisis. As they continue their dialogue here they delve into why humanity is failing to recognize and plan for the climate crisis. Clive has brought them a Coke, and all the preliminary niceties […]

Pro’s And Con’s Of Electric Vehicles: A Discussion

February 6, 2023 admin 0

Warning: This is not an easy listen. There are lots of details. But sometimes that is where the blessing or the curse resides! We asked Tricia Clarkson, who has written about EV’s for the Greenzine several times, to reply. Congrats, if you hang in to the end and read Tricia’s answer! TRICIA CLARKSON – Response: Special to Greenzine Recently I listened to Peter Zeihan’s geopolitical “EV’s Not-so-little Dirty Secret(s)” rant on You-tube. His main two […]

Healing In Community

January 28, 2023 admin 0

SHEILA NABIGON-HOWLETT – The Transition Town movement has always held out the concept of sustainability. In the past couple of years it has been described as pertaining to four realms: Energy, Environment, Economy, and Equity. Formerly, and these were the headings in the print Greenzine, Transitioners spoke of five life essentials: food, water, energy, community, and the environment. Spirituality was a sometimes silent sixth. Different words, the same orientation and goals. So I was delighted […]