Nukes are not The Answer

April 21, 2020 admin 0

Arithmetic: A finite planet cannot sustain infinite growth. PATRICIA REMY – BWXT and its plans to expand its range of operations have been in the news for months now.  CARN (Citizens Against Radioactive Neighbourhoods) and others have been picketing regularly outside the BWXT plant and appealing to City Council to intervene.  A change in BWXT’s licence would allow the firm to produce pellets for nuclear reactor fuel rods from uranium dioxide dust.  CARN’s concerns are […]

Dismantling a Nuclear Reactor

April 14, 2020 admin 0

PATRICIA REMY – It hasn’t been done in Canada yet, but in Europe the nuclear reactors of the first generation have reached the end of their shelf-life and are being dismantled.  At some point in the not-too-distant future, very probably within the next twenty years, and despite attempts to refurbish them, the same fate awaits the Bruce Power reactor cluster and those in Pickering and Darlington. My information is based on reports (i) on the […]