Local Cohousing Group is Going Green

November 12, 2022 admin 0

“How can we not do this?” SCOTT DONOVON − Kawartha Commons is a cohousing group developed in the city of Peterborough. We aspire to build a 30+ multi-family, custom designed, residential building; a collection of independent dwelling units that maximize sharing of common resources and reinforces community life through common meals and social interaction by design. My co-housing community is committed to building to a green standard. What does that mean today? Where do we […]

The Social Dimension of Housing

October 1, 2014 admin 0

SCOTT DONOVAN – Customarily housing is viewed as a commodity and as a means of expressing social status. However, new models are developing, which correspond more nearly to our current social experience. Cohousing and coDwelling respond to our two complementary needs for both company and privacy. They are gaining purchase today, because single people have overtaken families as the most populous housing type.  Cohousing and coDwelling are housing models which acknowledge us as social beings […]