About the Greenzine

Acknowledging The Land

We respect the sovereignty of the Anishinaabe peoples and communities on whose land our work takes place, Curve Lake, Hiawatha, and Alderville. We commit to honouring their laws and values and to learning and reflecting Indigenous Knowledge in the Greenzine. We thank the soil, water and air which sustain us – their inhabitants – from the bacteria and fungi to the mother trees and fauna with whom we share the land.

Guiding Principles Of The Greenzine

Community resilience-building as an essential response to the climate crisis.

Localizing climate thinking and action using local stories in local voices with relevant, science-based data within the global context of climate crisis, and guided by reference to local indigenous knowledge.

Permaculture thinking and practices to promote, inform and support all local efforts in the provision of life essentials – food, water, energy, health and culture.

Encouraging local authorities toward climate action.

Sustaining hope and the momentum and commitment of youth climate activism.


Because the Climate Crisis is at a new stage of unprecedented urgency and the certain that the goal of limiting future warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is slipping away.

Because the goal to limit future warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, highlighted in the Paris Agreement on climate change, and driven home in last November’s COP26, …is now on “life support” and “in intensive care.” –  UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

What is “Transition”?

The Greenzine supports the values and goals of the Transition movement.

Rob Hopkins established the first Transition Town in Kinsale, Ireland in 2005 and then in his hometown of Totnes, England in 2006.The latter has become a model for Transition Towns worldwide. Transition Town Peterborough was founded in 2007 by Fred Irwin and Joan Michaels.

The Transition movement strives for community self-sufficiency in meeting the challenges of climate change. Starting at the local level, in municipalities, in neighbourhoods, and in personal life-style choices, it encourages the work of building resilient communities.

Transition encourages the recognition of some hard truths:

  • Unlimited economic growth on a planet with limited resources is not possible.
  • As the world’s human population continues to grow, humans continue to destroy habitats and species.
  • We are polluting the environment with our waste.
  • We are devastating the web of life into which our own survival is woven.
  • Climate change, caused by humans, is happening now.
  • Our actions today, here and now, shape our future, tomorrow.

The Greenzine focuses on local production and distribution of life’s essentials, water, food, and energy, for all citizens. Transition’s goals are health/well-being, means of cultural expression, and the possibility of spiritual growth for everyone..

The Transition worldview recognizes that the Earth has rights.

Submission Guidelines 

We welcome written contributions from our readers.

  1. Please familiarize yourself with Transition values before writing. We will look for alignment with these values in all submissions. Some sources are: Transition Town Peterborough website (including our published magazines from 2012-2020), The Transition Network and the Community Greenzine itself.
  2. Please provide a very short bio statement (2-3 sentences) which will appear at the bottom of each piece you submit, with a link to your website (if applicable.) 
  3. All submitted pieces must be the author’s own work. Authors are responsible for obtaining the requisite permission to reprint copyrighted images or other material.
  4. You must supply at least one image for the header of your article: Give the name of the person who took any submitted photo(s) or the source from which you got the image.
  5. Transition Town Peterborough considers the City and County of Peterborough as ecologically, socially and economically interconnected, so reference to “Peterborough” should make it clear that you are writing about either the City, the County, local First Nations communities or all three. 
  6. The Community Greenzine Editorial Collective reserves the right to make editorial revisions in all submissions.  We will make every attempt to honour the author’s voice and intention. 
  7. Please send all submissions in an editable electronic format. We like articles that are between 500 and 1000 words. All submissions are welcome and will be published if they are in keeping with the Greenzine‘s “Guiding Principles”. 
  8. Contributors retain all rights to their work past, present and future. 

Please submit to: The Greenzine Editorial Collective via news@transitiontownpeterborough.ca 

The Greenzine is…

Published by Transition Town Peterborough, Canada’s First Transition Town, since 2012!
Back Issues: https://www.new.transitiontownpeterborough.ca/ttp/greenzine/
Online, here, since 2020.
Editorial Collective: Cheryl Lyon, Patricia Remy
Regular Guest Authors: Peter Currier, Bill Eekhof
Permaculture Consultant: Andrea Connell
Technical Resources: Michael Bell, KnowAbout Networks
Systems Support: Mark Woolley
Technical Support: Dave Sumner
E-mail address: news@transitiontownpeterborough.ca
We don’t have a separate section in the Greenzine for publishing your reactions to the articles we post online, but the Editorial Collective promises to read your e-mails and take your responses seriously.
Postal Address: Transition Town Peterborough, 171A Rink St., Suite 106, Peterborough ON K9J 2J6
DISCLAIMER: Transition Town claims copyright in all original editorial materials created by writers for the Greenzine and published in thegreenzineonline.com.
The views expressed by guest writers and contributors do not necessarily express those of the Greenzine or Transition Town.

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